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Business minded approach to civil litigation

BRINKMEIER LAW GROUP LLC is distinguished by its aggressive, innovative and business-minded approach to complex civil litigation.  Clients need experienced help provided within budget and that is what BRINKMEIER LAW GROUP LLC provides.  Hard work is what you will get to ensure your rights are protected.

Areas of Practice

BRINKMEIER LAW GROUP LLC focuses in the following areas:

  • Appellate

    We represent our clients through the appeals process. The Brinkmeier Law Group brings over 25 years of experience reviewing court decisions in cases involving child custody, grandparent rights, aviation and municipal law. Throughout the process we handle the administration, forms and process to insure your case is heard.

  • Aviation

    In recent years, the number of small aircraft accidents has risen significantly. The increase in small aircraft crashes is often attributed to the higher number of personal aircraft in the skies over the U.S. While large commuter aircraft must follow strict federal safety regulations, smaller aircraft are often allowed to follow more lax procedures involving maintenance, takeoff, flight, and landing. When an aircraft accident occurs requires a specialist in airplane accident law. The Brinkmeier Law Group has represented airlines, businesses and individuals providing expert aviation legal help.
  • Litigation

    Though the majority of lawsuits are settled and never even get to trial, they can expand into a very complicated process. The rules are very important for litigants to know and can vary throughout Illinois and Chicago, however, because they dictate the timing and progression of the lawsuit—what may be filed and when to get what result. Failure to comply with the procedural rules can result in serious limitations in conducting the trial or even dismissal of the lawsuit. The Brinkmeier Law Group will be at your side through every step of litigation whether it is a contract breach, business damage or insurance liability. We will help you get the results you deserve.
  • Municipal

    Your business depends on understanding how Illinois State, City, local ordinances and laws can affect expansion, real estate transactions and the type of business conducted. The Brinkmeier Law Group’s long history of experience with municipal cases insures you are properly represented throughout the legal process. Our lawyers understand Chicago municipal ordinances, compliance and real estate to guide clients through the complexity of State, City and local law and compliance.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution/Arbitration

    Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) is the process of resolving legal conflicts without a litigation trial.  Our firm has knowledge, training and substantial experience in mediation, arbitration, mini-trials, conference resolution sessions and private resolution services.  Our firm counsels clients to assist in the decision about when ADR is in their best interests.  Our expert analysis regarding ADR helps our clients determine when and whether ADR meets their needs for a quicker and less expensive dispute conclusion than traditional litigation.

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